H183 Lecture 4 - day on June 20, 1832 1849-50 Second...

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United States in 1832 United States in 1849/1850 http://www.uni.edu/iowahist/Site%20Map/Map-US1832_Lg.jpg http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:United_States_1849-1850.png H183 Lecture: Cholera in US (Keywords) Geography : New York New Orleans San Francisco Sacramento Panama Mexico City Terms : Cholera Heroic Medicine Bloodletting Laudanum Thompsonian (Botanic Medicine) Homeopathy Hydropathy Phlegm Bile Rice-water Contagion Animacules People : Andrew Jackson John Snow John Muir Dates : 1805 Samuel Thomson starts botanic medicine sect ‘Thomsonians’ 1817-21 First Cholera epidemic in Colonial India 1832 First Cholera epidemic in the US, Andrew Jackson does not condone prayer
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Unformatted text preview: day on June 20, 1832 1849-50 Second Cholera epidemic in US Aug 3, 1849 is National Day of Prayer California Gold Rush spreads cholera 1854 John Snow suggests cholera spread through water contaminated with sewage 1856-57 Cholera outbreak in India coincides with Sepia Mutiny 1860-61 Third major Cholera outbreak in India 1866 Third Cholera epidemic in the United States; NYC Board of Health contains epidemic 1884 Robert Koch finds cholera bacteria 1910-11 Last cholera outbreak in the US The Cholera, Richmond Enquirer Sept 28, 1832, p. 3 Rhode Island American and Gazette , July 31, 1832 Newport Mercury , October 6, 1832, p. 2...
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H183 Lecture 4 - day on June 20, 1832 1849-50 Second...

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