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Lieu 1 Virginia Lieu Dr . Osseo-Asare History 183 February 11 , 2010 Predisposing Causes of the 1932 Cholera Epidemic In 1932 , the United States saw its first cholera epidemic. The nation was not prepared for the chaos to arrive , especially the cities, in which “miasma arising from the filth rotting in the streets , yards and cellars was quite capable of producing sickness without the added influence of cholera” (Rosenberg 21) . The threat of an epidemic caused many to speculate about the transmission and cause of cholera , contesting its contagiousness and how it was spread. An article titled “Cholera” in the Boston Recorder explained that cholera was not an absolutely contagious disease and that it mostly affected those who predisposed themselves to the malady . Rosenberg bases the entire 1932 section of his book , The Cholera Years , on the article while utilizing other sources to supplement his argument with details and anecdotes . However, Rosenberg excludes a vital point in the article: the idea that any “undue excitement of either body or mind” could provoke the disease (“Cholera”) . Rosenberg uses this omission to emphasize how much the United States in 1932 believed that cholera was a result of moral and behavioral corruption .
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Lieu 2 The “Cholera” article is divided into several parts , one paragraph explaining cholera as an epidemic fever , cholera as not absolutely contagious, but rather contingently contagious, and that there are predisposing causes for cholera . The first section states that cholera is “an epidemic fever of a peculiar kind…it results from unknown causes which are liable to affect large masses
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Paper1 - Lieu 1 Virginia Lieu Dr. Osseo-Asare History 183...

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