Week 2 Response - He does not mention his patients other...

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Virginia Lieu History 183 January 27, 2010 Week 2 Cholera Response In “The Treatment of Cholera in India” by F. C.C Nicholson, M.D., Dr. Nicholson sees his patients as no more than experimental dummies. He discusses how the effects of opium, morphine, salol, and other remedies can cure some patients and not others. He blames this on the differing levels of toxins excreted by the different cholera bacteria. However, he pays no attention to his patients who most likely are Indian inhabitants. Instead, he uses them to study the different effects of different drugs against cholera in a haphazard and unorganized way. Although he seems to come to the conclusion that opium is the best treatment, he offers no real scientific proof.
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Unformatted text preview: He does not mention his patients other than to say whether they die or recover; he does not seem to take his patients’ well-being into full account. Dr. Nicholson experiments with poisons and strange chemicals on his patients, such as digitalis and chloroform, in order to find a cure for cholera. Even though he states that his mortality rate is less than others, this is hard to believe due to his haphazard methods of finding a cure and his total disregard for his patients. It just seems like Dr. Nicholson has no concern for his patients, the inhabitants of India, like the rest of the British colonizers and that he sees them nothing more than experimental rats....
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Week 2 Response - He does not mention his patients other...

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