Week 6 Response - history even though so many people died...

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Virginia Lieu History 183 February 24, 2010 Week 6 Response In “Disease” by Mary Dobson, the section on influenza gave a thorough explanation about the history of influenza and the various pandemics that have happened in history. I found it really interesting when the book went into detail about how the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919 was the “forgotten pandemic.” Since it had been one of the greatest single mortality pandemics of all time, it is surprising that most people have not heard about it. I personally did not really know much about it until I read the Dobson book. I agree with what the scholarly and scientific circles say that it was ‘a global calamity that the world forgot.’ I was even more surprised that the Black Death overshadowed this pandemic in
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Unformatted text preview: history even though so many people died in such a short amount of time (20 million in six months). This is especially shocking because it affect people of all ages, not just the elderly and young. I cannot help wondering why the Spanish Flu was such a deadly disease. In Katherine Anne Porters Pale Horse, Pale Rider, she published a fictional account of the horrors of the Spanish Flu pandemic. I cannot help but ask why the disease was so much more deadly than the regular flu diseases that we see today? It could be that because of the time period, medical technology and research was less advanced. But still, what made the Spanish Flu so much different from the flu epidemics before it?...
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Week 6 Response - history even though so many people died...

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