Lab9 - Uyen Nguyen Thermochemistry April 15, 2008 Chem 002,...

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Uyen Nguyen Thermochemistry April 15, 2008 Chem 002, Section 005
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Introduction: The goal of this laboratory experiment was to study the heat produced or consumed by a chemical reaction and how it is measured. It introduces the concept of reaction enthalpy and demonstrates Hess’s Law of Constant heat. It was important because it visually helped me understand the concepts of Thermochemistry. I realized that because heat remains constant, I could have omitted part D and still obtain the ∆H/mole. Experimental Procedure: Materials Used: 2 Styrofoam cup calorimeters 2 Thermometers 2500 mL beaker Distilled water Timer 125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Hot plate Graduated Cylinder Cardboard for the lid 1.0 M HCl 1.0 M NaOH Experimental Procedure: 1. Obtain 2 Styrofoam cup calorimeters and thermometers and use the same two pairs together for the experimental. Label one “A” and the other one “B”. Place the two calorimeters into a 250 mL beaker. Part A: Determining the calorimeter constant. 2. First compare the 2 thermometers by inserting it into the same distilled water for 1 minute. 3. Now put 75 mL of distilled water into a Erlenmeyer flask and heat it on a hot place until it is about 15-20 degrees Celsius above room temperature. 4. Transfer 50 mL of the heated water into calorimeter A and 50 mL of room temperature distilled water into calorimeter B. 5. Place a lid on both of the calorimeters and record their temperature in 1 minute intervals. 6. After 4 minutes, quickly remove the lids from both calorimeters and pour the cold water from “B” into “A”. Then put the lid back on and continue to take temperature readings for the next three minutes. Now, draw a graph and do the
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Lab9 - Uyen Nguyen Thermochemistry April 15, 2008 Chem 002,...

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