Lab10 - Uyen Nguyen Color My Nanoworld Chem 002, Section...

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Uyen Nguyen Color My Nanoworld Chem 002, Section 005 April 22, 2008
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Introduction: In this laboratory experiment, students follow the process of nanoparticle aggregation by observing the color change of a solution of gold nanoparticles. Students learned that the gold nanoparticle solution functions as an electrolyte sensor because electrolyte-induced aggregation of the nanoparticles results in a dramatic color change. The goal of this laboratory experiment is to introduce students to some of the properties of very small metal particles (nanoparticles). It also provides an introcution ot the absorption of light by compounds and to the technique of absorption spectroscopy. Experimental Procedures Materials: 0.5 mM HAuCl 4 50 mL beaker 34 mM Trisodium Citrate Hot plate Stirring rod Distilled Water Magnetic stir bar Volumetric pipet Beaker NaCl Graduated cylinder Sucrose 3 test tubes Procedures: Part A: Preparation of gold nanoparticles 1. Pour 20 mL of 0.5 mM HAuCl 4 into a 50 mL beaker and add a magnetic stir bar. 2. Heat the solution on a hot place while stirring with the magnetic stir bar. 3. Once the solution boils, use a volumetric pipet to add 2.0 mL of 34 mM trisodium citrate. Continue to stir and boil the solution for about 10 minutes until the solution turns red. Add a few drops of distilled water if needed to keep the total volume of the solution constant. 4. Once the solution is red, cool the solution down to room temperature. Part B: Nanoparticles as chemical selective senors
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Lab10 - Uyen Nguyen Color My Nanoworld Chem 002, Section...

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