2005 fall midterm

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Unformatted text preview: More PastPaper: http://ihome.ust.hk/~cs_gxx ISMT111 Business Statistics Midterm Examination For sections 1-6 only 14th October 2005 Directions 1) Answer ALL FIVE questions. Marks are shown in square brackets. 2) There are 4 pages in this examination paper. Check to make sure you have a complete set and notify the invigilator immediately if part of it is missing. 3) Key formulas and Statistical tables are provided separately. 4) Calculator may be used in this examination. ht tp :// ih om e. us t.h k/ ~c s_ gx x/ 5) You are given TWO HOURS to complete this examination. Do not begin until you are told to do so. More PastPaper: http://ihome.ust.hk/~cs_gxx Question 1: [22 Marks] Suppose that there are 100 boxes each containing 5 red balls and 3 black balls. 100 students are assigned to one box each and are asked to pick 4 balls without replacement from his or her box. (a) For one box what is the probability that a red ball is chosen on the 2nd and 3rd pick? (b) Suppose that Y100 denotes the number of students, out of 100, that will obtain a red ball on the 2nd and 3rd pick. Fnd the me...
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