midterm-2000-2001 - Problems Set of Mid-term Exam, CHEM...

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1 CHEM 111 Organic Chemistry I MID-TERM EXAMINATION (Fall Semester, 24 October 2000) Instructor: Dr. Wei-Min Dai Problems Set Note : This is a close-book examination. You are required to work on ALL problems independently. The maximum time for answering this problems set is 80 minutes. You can work on the problems in any order you like. Start with the easy problems first and do the hard ones later. Use the Examination Booklet to present your answers. Do not forget to write down your name, student ID number, course title, and date on your Examination Booklet. Total marks are 350 points. 1. Multiple choice problems. Pick up only ONE answer and write it down on the answering booklet. (8 points each) (1a) The structure of acetamide is shown below. The predicted N–C=O bond angle in acetamide is: A. 109.5 ° B. 120 ° C. 180 ° D. not predictable C H 2 N O CH 3 (1b) The molecular formula C 2 H 5 NO can be converted into several line-bond (Kekulé) structures that are consistent with valence rules. Which one of the following Kekulé structures is NOT consistent with valence rules? H C C H H O NH 2 A. C C OH D. H C C H H C . C C B. N H H H O NH 2 H H NH OH H H (1c) The equilibrium of the following reaction H 3 C C O CH 3 H 3 C C O CH 2 - Na + Na + NH 2 - NH 3 + + p K a = 1 9 p K a = 36 A. favors the reactants B. gives a K eq value of ca. 1 C. favors the products D. cannot be predicted (1d) Which of the following conformations is the most stable one? CH
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midterm-2000-2001 - Problems Set of Mid-term Exam, CHEM...

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