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1 ISMT111 Business Statistics Final Examination For sections L3, 4, 5 and 6 only 20 th December 2005 Directions 1) Answer ALL SIX questions. Marks are shown in square brackets. 2) There are 4 pages in this examination paper. Check to make sure you have a complete set and notify the invigilator immediately if part of it is missing. 3) Key formulas and Statistical tables are provided separately. 4) Calculator may be used in this examination. 5) You are given THREE HOURS to complete this examination. Do not begin until you are told to do so.
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2 Question 1: [12 Marks] A weight loss company claims that on average its customers will lose more that 23 pounds in 5 weeks. To give evidence to this claim they conduct a study on 56 participants and report a sample mean of 23.5 pounds and a standard deviation of 10.2 pounds. (a) Write the hypothesis statement that is appropriate to check whether their claim is true or not. Conduct the test at the 5% significance level and state your conclusions. What assumption is necessary to conduct this test? (b) Construct a 95% confidence interval for the true mean. (c) Suppose that the true population standard deviation is indeed 10.2 pounds. The company now wants to make the claim that the average weight loss is more than a value A. Based on the data, find the maximum value of A (rounded down to an integer value), where the data suggests that
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fin05 - ISMT111 Business Statistics Final Examination For...

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