hw4_solution_fall2008 - ra) /, n.( >o ,f...

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/ 5olrti^ 1 + {-ln^tttnotk. +, fo, = frl,to-, X>a t aX-q I ,-r X=S c2 t=J lt , . ,'rp,\ curtvat uK* ul _ r. 4 lY- = ^{+l ,, at*T'= | {ny = t^Jffi T"? u oty Ltlx)= = - t a-J r :{+/ 4=A - q = D '?l= -T ' u ,r*rt y'= (+ -,*,ly i :rfr-S,ff i +, f ^>, j't's' -C I ^3".lr= f t'>+ L,+ * 71- l-Y Aot a:l 9-.7, ?X jGi=- un{ /= .r-rzF =^th.ry)+?U+zT,s wrt)_" Z rs(€ v eT-{-s, ,f ft fl't.Fo9 a=o o &r'Q- *fc otr,'fu'r*t ctY< cnlso -t/^" eru/tr.ol^ts f t,> =f, r) (q- ) bt) l= f,c J ) ae fi,s q: -Jn rr) X= -JF a',,t f r*rct = 0 Tl, ,LLe. *,l,;,rt,-t< rn, ni h4u,,. it lwata ik^aA,w /ts l'ffs)"7rrtlz ,r-/r*e-t*t" -{to)=-fF. r{1"? jlxl dus^t t, "f 7lr ry,f dt ff tl- w.rh
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z b Lnt f ,o> -- firs={ t f 14= 0 Ar,*f^. f;o* 4,o)*, {-\t+n). 4,r) ;t tncrcns\ +x K^x ) t'Lt
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Unformatted text preview: ra) /, n.( &gt;o ,f v&gt;o 1 ftd, o f*, a&gt; a-, lhv\ NL lwu* Qr'- l+x {w7.7'[fi rt,r oGana,l n &quot;f f tr) A=,9. t ,9 tldt-- &amp;^,fr-q - -Z- at-J . l-t-v' a.67 z1;;-f',r-, o(= D ) x= V .r1\x2 cLoos pct txrt r.\t n:S, &gt;-o , V=-0 , n*V, q--6 (),bt- &amp;1&quot; Mtt*,'s6,t ?*'o, ,f f,o&gt; P/ | n, n f L ,,-\ re). f(o).0 ql?^ Ae(+,4 f1^)2p *i;'f*'f:','ir &quot; ;i+n'val '1,,,or- o Yi,'; '+r't'#&quot;] o'n i,turvaL {t*) i( ls*cY&lt;at'it't1 ;n t'/rt intnru{ &quot; l,!s,' ,,! -tl.o -f;vst tlarlvattu&lt; tutt , Jry Lu 1* q&gt;o =rg]:3i lgf.n )JF -:g; {ro&gt; &gt;-o {* z2o {- 6&gt;-0 L-* in ,',,t itvr tlr'r -f tr)= 0 , ar.,rl. tu l, rz.|. i&quot;.rryirr,^ Jt+;= 1 5...
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hw4_solution_fall2008 - ra) /, n.( &amp;amp;gt;o ,f...

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