Thermo exam - FINAL EXAMINATION April 2008 DURATION 3 HOURS...

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FINAL EXAMINATION April 2008 DURATION: 3 HOURS No. of Students: 170 Department Name & Course Number: Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer – MAAE 2400 Course Instructor(s): I. Beausoleil-Morrison, M. I. Yaras AUTHORIZED MEMORANDA 8.5 in x 11 in sheet (both sides), standard calculator Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write, and report any discrepancy immediately to a proctor. This question paper has X pages. This examination question MAY be taken from the examination room. Answer all 4 questions. The marks for each question are indicated in brackets in the left margin.
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Final Examination April 2008 2 1. Part (a) [20 marks] A power plant employing the Rankine cycle and using water as the working fluid produces a net power of 600 MW. The power plant is illustrated in the figure below. Superheated vapour enters the turbine at 12 MPa and 565 o C at exits at 6 kPa whereas saturated liquid enters the pump at 6 kPa. The isentropic efficiency of the turbine is 92% and the isentropic efficiency of the pump is 80%. [30 marks] Clearly list all assumptions taken in your analysis and perform the following: i) Indicate the state points of the cycle on a T-s diagram. (Note: follow the state point numbering scheme utilized in the above figure.) ii) Calculate the specific work input to the pump. iii) Calculate the specific work output of the turbine. iv) Calculate the specific heat addition rate at the boiler. v) Calculate the flow rate of the working fluid. vi) Calculate the back work ratio. vii)
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Thermo exam - FINAL EXAMINATION April 2008 DURATION 3 HOURS...

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