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Ramy Khalid 4/10/08 The computers that we use are actually called microcomputers, to stress that they are different to the really big and powerful computers. However, all computers, whatever the size, are really in four parts: Input device Processor Output device Storage device Input device Is used to send the data to the computer Processor Is the part that actually does the working out Output device Is used to display the processed data Storage device The processor in a microcomputer consists of a number of different parts. When these parts are small enough, they will all fit on one small silicon chip called a
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Unformatted text preview: microprocessor. Because the parts are all on one chip, microprocessors are said to be ‘integrated’. Microprocessors are designed to carry out one job, normally to control something. Typically a microprocessor will control a video recorder or the timing mechanism in a cooker. But if the one in your video recorder stopped working, you could not take the one out of the cooker and expect it to work the recorder-it will only do one thing. Because of this microprocessors are said to be dedicated devices. It is an interesting exercise to see how many devices you can think of that may have a microprocessor in them. 1...
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