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Quattichem - Ramy Khalid Quattichem Multi-national chemical...

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Ramy Khalid 6/10/2008 Quattichem Multi-national chemical company 1
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Ramy Khalid 6/10/2008 The initial grids and first draft of the report must be completed by next Friday. All team members will meet for a briefing at 9 o'clock on the following Monday in the conference room to discuss the next phase of the development of this report. As you are already aware, Hothouse Design has been contracted to produce a location of industry study for the multi-national chemical company Quattichem. The initial information identified a short list of 52 countries located globally, but over the space of the last two weeks the company has decided to focus on a country within a specified region. The board of Quattichem have decided, for a variety of cultural, political and economic reasons (after viewing their other plants and holdings around the world) to commission us to investigate some of the countries within Africa as potential sites. They have provided a list of thirty nine countries that they felt were worth investigation for this project. Since the list was initially provided, they have also added Botswana, Gabon and Swaziland.
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