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Unformatted text preview: As you are already aware, Hothouse Design has been contracted to produce a location of industry study for the multi-national chemical company Quattichem. The initial information identified a short list of 52 countries located globally, but over the space of the last two weeks the company has decided to focus on a country within a specified region. The board of Quattichem have decided, for a variety of cultural, political and economic reasons (after viewing their other plants and holdings around the world) to commission us to investigate some of the countries within Africa as potential sites. They have provided a list of thirty nine countries that they felt were worth investigation for this project. Since the list was initially provided, they have also added Botswana, Gabon and Swaziland. Some of the team undertaking this project may have been involved in the initial feasibility study for Quattichem. They have taken many of the points raised in that study and offered those back to Hothouse for further development. I would like to thank the initial team for the thoroughness of their work at that stage. The team's effort and enthusiasm undoubtedly led to Hothouse obtaining this contract and the exclusion of all but one competitor at this stage. The dry raw materials for the two processes involved are to be sourced from Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and Switzerland. The final location must have easy access for bulk transport of these raw materials to the plant, and for the end product (which will be in bulk powder form) from the plant. The other major raw material will be heavy crude oil, which can be sourced anywhere globally but must be available in relatively large quantities (approximately 6000 barrels a day). Other location factors: economic factors political stability availability of water good transport links As in the initial study the same locational factors will be relevant. The location must be remote from any centres of population. It must be on a relatively flat area of land in excess of 60000 hectares which must not contain a habitat for any protected species of flora or fauna. Quattichem were explicit about this point at our initial meeting as they wish to try and develop an eco-friendly site, a strategy that they intend to use as part of the advertising campaigns for their product. There will be a requirement for a large quantity of natural water which will be used in the cooling processes. Approximately 20000 hectares of the site will be set aside to allow this water to cool back to the natural ambient temperature, before it is returned to the locality. The team working on this project will be split into two. David will lead the overall development and with his colleagues, will collect and collate all the relevant information about all countries on the given list (which must include those mentioned above). Sofia's team will focus on those countries where annual Imports are greater than 100 AND less than 500 and with the Exports less than 50. The starting point for this team will be the following countries: One factor which is of prime importance is the selection of a region that is free from earth movements, earthquakes and any volcanic activity. This means that Sofia's team must investigate which of the countries noted has no record of earthquakes or volcanic activity, as well as checking where tectonic plate boundaries lie within the continent. As climate will not be a factor affecting the running of the plant, the only consideration of this should be during the construction phase. These geographical factors were an area of focus for the Quattichem board when they commented upon the initial feasibility studies. Please ensure that these are highlighted at an early stage of the report. David's team must also investigate in depth the political structures and stability of each country on the shortlist. This task must be undertaken with great sensitivity. The assistance that developing a plant like this could have to the economy of the region and country involved must also be considered. As mentioned earlier, the benefits of a relatively cheap and plentiful source of electricity would assist the country concerned. Quattichem have also asked us to investigate other methods of assisting the indigenous population in terms of developing specific areas. In order to do this I would like an initial grid developed for every region of each potential country which summarises key employment factors like this: The initial grids and first draft of the report must be completed by next Friday. All team members will meet for a briefing at 9 o'clock on the following Monday in the conference room to discuss the next phase of the development of this report....
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