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BI 211 Chapter 11 Take-home Assignment Due Wednesday, March 3 Please mark all answers on a scantron. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) What could happen to the target cells in an animal that lack receptors for local regulators? A) They could compensate by receiving nutrients via an a factor. B) They would not be able to multiply in response to growth factors from nearby cells. C) Hormones would not be able to interact with target cells. D) They could divide but never reach full size. E) They could develop normally in response to neurotransmitters instead. 2) From the perspective of the cell receiving the message, the three stages of cell signaling are: A) signal reception, nucleus disintegration, and new cell generation. B) the alpha, beta, and gamma stages. C) signal reception, cellular response, and cell division. D) signal reception, signal transduction, and cellular response. E) the paracrine, local, and synaptic stages. 3) The process of transduction usually begins: A) when the chemical signal is released from the alpha cell. B) when the hormone is released from the gland into the blood. C) after the third stage of cell signaling is completed. D) when the signal molecule changes the receptor protein in some way. E) after the target cell divides. 4) A small molecule that specifically binds to another molecule, usually a larger one: A) is called a ligand. B) is called a polymer. C) seldom is involved in hormonal signaling. D) usually terminates a signal reception. E) is called a signal transducer. 5) Membrane receptors that attach phosphates to specific animo acids in proteins are: A) not found in humans. B) important in yeast mating factors that contain amino acids.
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BI211Chapter11Take-homeAssignment_000 - BI 211 Chapter 11...

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