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Culturing (2) - CULTURING (Shake Flask Culturing) Duration:...

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CULTURING (Shake Flask Culturing) Duration: 1 week, 2 lab sessions Session 1: Prepare media for Culturing of E. coli b-gal expression strain. Session 2: Analyze protein expression results from the shake flask experiment This week, you will test the expression of the protein in small-scale (25 mL) cultures under different conditions. This way, you can get an idea of how different culture conditions can affect protein yield. This is generally performed to observe the properties of the expression strain and level of protein expression on a small scale before large-scale expression using fermentation. This section, along with the fermentation section, requires hourly data collection, thus coordination between the team members and the TA is critical for a successful outcome. What are the different expression conditions you can vary? We will vary the inducer concentration in this lab. There are two prelab assignments associated with the cloning modules due at the beginning of each session. 1. Culturing E. coli in Shake Flask 1. Describe the experiment in the first session; use a flow diagram to illustrate inoculation and the division of a large culture into smaller ones. 2. Describe the growth phases of E. coli cells when cultured. 3.
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Culturing (2) - CULTURING (Shake Flask Culturing) Duration:...

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