KIS - Knowledge is Power, investing in the Stock Market...

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Knowledge is Power, investing in the Stock Market Knowledge is Power Today the Stock Market is driven by fear---Soon it will be driven by greed. Now is the time… The Big Q's: 1) How can I make money trading stocks? 2) How does the Stock Market work? You surf the Internet, watch the news, read the paper, and talk to your friends and associates, so you have heard about the Stock Market: The Dow Jones Industrial Average, The NASDAQ, The S&P 500, The Toronto Stock Exchange, The Hang Seng and the many others around the globe. You hear and read about the investment world every day but perhaps you do not fully understand it. You are not alone. The stock market is a mystery to most people. The stock market is not difficult to understand if you take the time to learn what it is about and how it works. Doing that could make you a lot of money by investing and speculating in the stock market every day. I propose to help you to develop the mindset and confidence you need to make money trading stocks in any stock market, using your computer or PDA. Today you can buy, sell and trade stocks in virtually any market around the world 24/7. The Stock Market If you are a first time investor, and even if you are not, your main objective is learning how to preserve your capital. Investing in the stock market has risk associated with the rewards There are lots of ways to invest in the stock market – and lots of ways to make and lose money as a result. The biggest mistakes are made by investors who trade in
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investment products without understanding the risks involved, and without considering their own risk tolerance. So before you jump into these investment products, you should first learn the game you are entering. Many people look at investing as their ticket to riches and out of the daily financial challenges they face. And people, being people, often take more risk than they should, all in the pursuit of making fast money. The key on the road to financial freedom is knowledge , and it begins with an understanding of stock market investing. So please take the time to study and absorb the information contained in the following pages, it could mean a fortune to you. I believe that it will be well worth your investment of time. Knowledge is Power. Some recent history Nine years ago, the NAS (National Association of Securities Dealers and Quotes: NASDAQ) had the biggest spike in the history of any US stock market segment. In late September 1999, the NAS, which is chock-full of technology stocks, headed North big time. The move created instant stock market millionaires on the back of a seven-year, very healthy-overall financial marketplace. Because the stock market was so good, it got the attention of millions of average people who had never in their lives bought or sold a stock on their own. They left that business to brokers, or simply bought mutual funds from their banks or insurance agents. People watching the stock market, particularly the NAS, returning investors up to 20%+
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KIS - Knowledge is Power, investing in the Stock Market...

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