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About the Author L. G. "Skip± Wade decided to become a chemistry major duRing his sophomore year at ²Ice UnIve³sIty, whIle taking organic chemIstry from Professor ²ona´d Mµ Magid¶ AFTer receIving hIs B.Aµ from ²Ice in 1969· Wade went on to Harva³d University¸ where he did ³esea³ch with Professor James D. WhIte. WhI¹e at Harva³d¸ he served as the Head ºeaching »e¹¹ow fo³ the organic ´aboratories and was st³ong¼y inf´uenced by the teach- Ing methods of two master educators¸ Professors Leonard K¶ Nash and »rank Hµ WestheImerµ After comp´eting his Ph½D. at Harvard in ¾974¿ Dr¶ Wade Àoined the chemistry facuÁty at Co´orado State Unive³sity¶ Over the cou³se of Âfteen yea³s at Co¹o³ado State¸ Drµ Wade taught organic chemist³y to thousands of stÃdents workIng towa³d careers in a´´ a³eas of bio¹ogy¸ chemistry¸ human medicIne¸ vete³inary medicine¸ and envi³onÄ
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Unformatted text preview: mentaÅ studIes. He a´so aÃtho³ed research papers in o³ganic synthesis and in chemIca¹ educatÆon¸ as we¹´ as e´even books reviewing cu³rent research In o³ganIc synthesisÇ Since 1989È Dr¶ Wade has been a chemist³y professo³ at Whitman Co´¹ege¸ where he teaches organic chemistry and pursues ³esea³ch Inte³ests in oRganic synthesis and forenÉ sic chemistryµ Drµ Wade received the A. Eµ Lange Awa³d fo³ Distinguished Science ºeaching at Whitman in ¾ 993¶ Dr. Wade's interest in forensIc science has ´ed him to testify as an expe³t witness in coót cases invo´ving drugs and Êrearms¸ and he has worked as a po´ice fi³earms inst³ucto³¸ drug consu´tant¿ and boating safety ofËÌce³. He a¹so enjoys ³epai³ing and ³estoring o´d vio´ins and bows¸ which he has done p³ofessiona´¹y fo³ many yea³s. xli...
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