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Unformatted text preview: PREFACE Hints for passing OrgaNIc ChemIstry Do you want to pass your course in organic chemIstry? Here is my best advIce, baSed on over thirty yearS of obSeRVing StUdents learning organic cheMistry: nt #1 Do the problems. t SeeS StRaGTORWaR, Bt UanS ncLUinG StUent, tRy tO take the eaSy Way out Unti they discover tere is no Sort-cut. nesS you haVe a measured Q above 200 an coMfortaby crUiSe in the top % of yoUr casS, do the problems. sualy your teacher (profeSSoR or teaching aSsIstant) wil recoMmend ceRtain ones; tRy to do all toSe recomMended f yoU do haf of them, yoU Wil Be hafprepared at teSt tiMe. (Do yoU WaNt youR sUrgeon coMing to yoUr appendectoMy having practiced ony ha /the procedUre?) And Wen you do te probems, Keep thIs olUtIonS anUa CED. A void ooKing at Y ansWeR before yoU Write your anSweryoUr tryIng and stRUgging with the prOBe iS the Most ValUBe part of the proBe. iScoVery iS a Major pat of learning emeMBer that te primary goa of doing these pRobes iS noT just getting te right answer, but underStandiNg the mateRia We enoUgh to get right anSWerS to the qUeStions yoU haveN't Seen yet...
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