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SYMBOLS AND AbBREVIA TIOnS Below is a list of symbols and abbreviaTioNs used in This SoLuTions ManuaL, consisTent with those used iN The texTbook by Wade. (Do noT expeCt all oF These To make sense to you no±² You ±iLL LeA them ThroughouT your study of organiC ChemisTry³) ´Oµ¶· - 1±±²±³´µ³±1¶ ¸RR¹ºS ± . ² a single bond a double bond a Triple bond a boNd in Three di»ensioNs¼ Coming ouT oF The paper To±ard ThE reader a boNd iN Thr½e di»eNsioNs¾ going behiNd The paper a±ay From The reader a sTretChed bond¿ in The proCess oF FoÀNg or breakINg iN a reaCTioN, sho±s direCTiÁN From reaCTaNTs To produCTs signiFies ½quiLiÂÃium ÄNoT TÁ be ConFus½d wiTh resonanCe) signiFies resonanCe (not To be Confused with equilibÃiumÅ sho±s direCTion oF EleCtroN movemeNT:
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Unformatted text preview: Th½ aÆro±head ±iTh oNe barb sho±s movemeNt oF oNe eleCTron; Th½ aÆrowhead ±ith t±o barÇs shows movemenT oF a pair oF eleCtrons sho±s polariTy oF a bond or moleCuleÈ THe arro±hEad sigNiÉying the more negaÊËve eNd oF The dipoLe SUSÌÍÌÎÏÐÌ GROÑS Òe a meThyl group, ÓÔ3 ÕT aN eThyl group, ÓÔ 2 ÓÔ3 Pr a propyÖ group¼ a Three CarboN gro×p (T±o possible arrangementsÅ Bu a buTyl group¼ a Four CarbÁN group ÄFour possible aØangements) R The general abbreViaTion ÉoÙ aN alkyl group Äor any subsTiTuenT group not under sCÃuTiNy) Ph a phenyl group¼ the na»e ÁF a beNzeNe ring as a substituenT, represenTedÚ < » or ÛÜ ÝÞ½ ß½à½Üaá àame âor aà aÜÁmaÝãC ßrÁäå CÁNTiNued ÁN N½XT åaß½ vii...
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