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Unformatted text preview: Symbols and Abbreviations, continued SUBSTITUENT GROUPS, continued Ac Cy Ts an acetyl group: a cyclohexyl group: CH3 - C o II 0- o II B oc a t-butoxycarbonyl group (amino acid and peptide chemistry): (CH3)3C -0 - C II tosyl, or p-toluenesulfonyl group: CH3 � S"==1 o o Z, or a carbobenzoxy (benzyloxycarbonyl) group (amino acid and peptide chemistry): Cbz REAGENTS AND SOLVENTS DCC dicyclohexylcarbodiimide o o- N= C= N -Q Cl < )- CH2-0 - g - 0 DMSO dimethylsulfoxide ether S H 3C ....... 'CH3 II diethyl ether, CH3CH20CH 2 CH3 MCPBA meta-chloroperoxyhenzo;c ac;d MVK methyl vinyl ketone H 3C N ..... o g� Br I <> 0 g - 0 - OH NBS -bromosuccinimide O �O N viii continued on next page ...
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