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Symbols and AbbreviatIons, contInueD REAGENTS A±² SOLV³´µ¶, contInued PCC pYrIDInIum ·hloro·hromate, Cr03¸ HC¹ ´ ' CH3 H H H Cº3 I i i i ± SIa2BH disiamYlborane º-C»C¼B-C»C-H I i i i CH3 CH3 µ½ ¾etra¿YDrofuran o SPECTROSCOPÀ ÁR ±M ÂS UV ÃÃm Hz ÂHZ µÂS sÄ DÄ t, q Åm mJz 8 A v OµÆR a, a e± eq HOMO LUMO NR 0, m±p ÇnFraÈed sÃectroscoÃY Éuclear Êagnetic Èesonance sÃectroscoÃY Êass ËÃectrometÌY ÍltraÎIolet sÃectroscoÃY parts per Êillion, a unit used in ±ÂR hertz, cYcles Ãer seconD, a unIt oF FrequencY megaherÏz, ÐIÑlIons oF cYcles Ãer second ÒetraÊethYlËilane, (Óº3) 4 SiÄ the reFerence comÃound in NÂR ËIngletÄ Ôoublet, ¾rÕÃÑetÄ QuaÖetÄ reFer×nØ to the Ùumber oF Ãeaks aÙ ´ÂR absoÌÃtIon ØIÚes
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