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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 11

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 11 - C HAPTER...

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1-1 Na Mg AI Si CHAPTER I-iNtRODUCt±ON ANd rV±EW 1 s 2 ±s ±p 6 3s ² 1 s 3s 2 Is 3p x ³ ´ y I P S CI A r ³ z Z 1-2 µn th¶s book, li·es Between atom sY¸bols represent covAlent bonds Betwee· those atoms. Nonbond¶ng electrons are indicated with dots¹ H H H •• + I I I (a) H-N±H i (B) H-O-H (c) (d) H²C²C³C´H H H H I ± (e) HµC²C¶n-H I ± I H H H H I h :0: H I I ² (h) H·C²C²C¶H 1-3 I I ± H ¸ H H H I • • i (f H¶C·O²C·H i • • I H H I I I I h H H H H H ³ i (g) ¸¶C¹CºF: I I H H (i) h·B² H I () : F»BºF: - - ± H : F: The coºpounds in (») a·d aRE u·usual ¶· that boron does not have a· octet of Electro·s¼·o½maL For Boron because ¶t has onl¾ three vale·ce electro·s¿ (a) :N N: (B) H ´ C
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