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1-8 continued (h) :0 : II H±C²N³H I major H (´o charge separation) .. - :0 : I + .±² I-³ ´ µ ² C = N ± µ I minoR H ¶·9 Your Lewis stRuctures may appear different froM these¸ As lonG as the atoms a¹e connected In the same order and by the same type oF bond, they are equivaºent st¹uctures¸ »o¹ noW, the exact PlaceMent oF the atoMs on the page is not siGniFicant¸ A ¼ewis st½cture is "compºete" wIth Unsha¹eD elect¹on paIrs shown¸ (a) (c) µ H H µ µ µ µ µ µ I I I I I I I I I H¾C¿C¿C²CÀCÀC²µ (b) µ²C²CÀCÁÂlà I I I I I I I I I H H H H  H µ C µ / 1 ' µ µ µ / 1 ' µ µ µ H µ :0 : µ H µ :0: I I Ii / I I ±I HÄC²C²C²CÅ (d) H²C²ÂÀÂƵ I I I \ I I H H H µ H Ç Aºways be aºe¹t for the impºied doUbºe or t¹iple bo´dÈ ÉeMeMber that  has to have fou¹ bondsÊ
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