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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 34

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 34 - hoW mUch...

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1-48 From the amounts of CO2 and H20 generaTed, The millIgrams of C and H ±n The oRg±Nal sAMple can be determ²ned, Thus gIvIng by d±fference The amoUnT of oxygen In The 5.³³ Mg saMple´ µ¶oM TheSe vaLUes, ·he empI¸¹caL formUla and eMp±r±cAº we±ghT cAn be calcUlaTed» (a) hoW much carBon In 14¼54 MG CO2 1 mmoLe C 1½.³1 mg C 1 mMo¾e CO2 14.54 mg CO¿ x x X = 3.968 Mg C 44À³Á Mg CO2 Á Mmole CO2 Á Mmole C hoW mUch hÂ:droÃen ±n 3Ä97 mG H2Q 1 mÅole H2O ½ Æmoles Ç 1»³³8 Mg H 3.97 mg Ç20 x 18.³16 Mg H2O 1 mÈoLe H2O 1 mÈole H ³.444 mg H
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Unformatted text preview: hoW mUch oxÉÊGen In 5.³³ mG esTradIoL 5À³³ mg esTradIo¾ -3Ë96Ì mg C ³.444 mg Ç ³.59 mg ° calcULate emPIr±caL fo¸mUla 3.96Ì mg C 1½.³1 mg/Mole ³.44Í mg Ç 1.³³Ì mg/moLe 16.³³ mg/mole ³.33³4 MmoLes C ³Ä44³ mmo¾es Ç ³Ä³37 mMo¾es ° empIrIcaL formU¾a ³À³37 mmoles Ì.93 9 C ³.³37 Mmoles Îλ9" 1½ Ç ³.³37 mÈoles 1 ° empI¶±cal WeIghT 136 Ïb) moLecULar WeIghT ½7½Ð exacTly TW±ce The emp±r±cal WeIghT TWIce TÑe empIÒca¾ fo¸mUla molecUlar foÓuLa 24...
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