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Unformatted text preview: 2-1 1 Models wiLl be helpfuL here. (a) ciS-trans isomerSthe fIrst Is trAnS, the second Is cIs (b) consttutional isomersthe carBon skeLeton IS different (c) conStitutiona somerSthe broInes are on dIfferent carbonS In the fIrSt stRctUre on the same carbon in the second StuctUre (d) Same comPoundjUSt FiPped over (e) Sae comPoundjust rotated (f sae coPoundJUST rotaTed (g) not isomersdifferent molecular formulas (h) conStitutional Isomersthe doble bond haS changeD posItIon (i) same comPoundjuSt reversed ) constittional isomersthe CH3 grouPS are in different reLative posiions k) constttona iSoerSthe doube bonD iS in a different Position reative to the CH3 2 2 (a) 2.4 D = 48 x 8 x 1 2 1 A 8 = 04 , or 4 % of a posItive charge on cArbon and 4 % of a negAtve charge on oxygen (b) :: I . . C + esonance for must be the major contbutor f were the ajor contbutor, the vaLe of the charge...
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