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2-22 continued Ii g (d) H C±Nh amide (this also looks like an aldehyde, but aN amide has higher "priority ± as yoU will see later) ±g) aromaTic () (e) Ch 6 c: h amine ~ (f R C±O ² H carboxylic acId SuGGested by student RIchard KinG: R Is the symbol tHat o²GanIc chemIsts use to rep²esent alkyl and AryL G²oups. ³s you wILl see In the cou²sE of yo´² studyµ the²e Are quIte a few Ways that ca²bon and hyd²oGen atoms can Go toGethe² to fo²m alkyl and a²yl Groups¶ ·o when you see this symbol¸ yoU sho´Ld know that It reprEsents ON. Y some combination of carbon anD hydroGen atoms-except when it includes othe¹ atomsº (h) (i) 8 alkene ketone (K) ( aromatic Ch3 R 2³2´ Please refer To solution 1-20, page 12 oF this Solutions Manual.
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