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2-35 (a) constitutional isomers±the carbon skeletons are dIfferent (b) constItutional Isomers±the posItion of the chlorIne atom has changed (c) cIs-trans isomers±the fIrst Is cis, tHe second Is trans (d) constitutional isomers²the carbon skeletons are different (e) cis³trans Isomers´the fIrst Is trans, the second is cIs (F same compound±rotation of the first structure gIves the second (g) cµs-traNs µsomers¶The fµrSt µS C±s² the seCoND µS trns (h) constitutional Isomers²the position of the double bond relative to the ketone has changed (while It is tRue that the first double bond is and the second is trAns, In order to have CIs-tRns Isomers, the rest of the structure must be identical) 2-36 C O · is Li¸ear; ItS bond dIpoles cancel, so it has no net dIpole. ¹0· is benº» so its bond dipo¼es do not cance¼. .. o=C=O net dipole moment = 0
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Unformatted text preview: t:o"O . . net dIpole moMent 237 oMe magnItudes of dipoe moments are dffcult to predIct however the dIrectIon of the dIpoe shoud be straIghtforward In Most cases Actual values of molecUlar dIpoe moMents are gIven In parentheses (he C-H bond Is usually considered non-poar) (a) ' / '- CH3 N U1 H Ch3 \ net rge dipole moment (b) CH3-C c I large dipole moment (396) net dpole moment or (c) large dipoemoment / Br Br B (d) 0 1 R electron pairs on bromInes are noT shown (b 4N" , 2 " oderate dipole moment 40 C CH3 'CH arge dpoe moment (289) CH ci ; C 11 CH C CH H moderate dIpole moent elecTron PArs on chlorine Are noT sHoWn...
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