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CHAPTER 3-STRUCTURe AND STER±OCHEMIStRY oF ALKnES 3- 1 (a) C n H2 n + 2 where n = 25 gives c2shs2 Note to the sTudent: ±he IUP AC system of nomenclature has a well defined seT of Rules deTeRMining how st²uct³res a´e naµed. Yo³ wilL find a summary of these rules as ¶ppendix 1 in This SoluT·ons ¸anual¹ 3-2 ºse hyphens to separaTe LeTTers from »umbers¼ ½ongest chains may noT aLways be w¾TTen lefT to ¾ghT¹ (a) 3-methyLpentane (aLways find The lo»gest chain; it may not be written in a sTra·gh¿ l·ne) (b) 2Àbromo-3-methyLpentane (always find The lo»gesT chain) (c) 5ÁethyLÂ2ÀmethyLÀ4Ãpropylheptane Ä"Whe» there are two Longest chains of equal lengÅh, use The chain wÆtH tHe Greate² numbe´ of substituenTs¹Ç) (d) 4-Èsop´opyLÉ2ÊmetHyLdecane 3Ë3 ±ÌÆs SoL³tions Ían³al will present line foÎm³Las where a QuestÆon asks for an answer incl³di»G a
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Unformatted text preview: structu´e¹ If you use coÏdensed sTructurÐl formuLas ÆnsteadÑ be s³²e tHat you a²e able To ÒTranslaTeÒ one stR³ctu²e type into tHe other. (a) (b) (c) (d) 3Ó4 Separate nuµbers from nuMbers w·Th coÔmasÕ (aÖ 2-meThylbutane (b) 2×2-dimethyLpropane (c) 3ØetÙylÓ2ÉmethyLhexane (d) 2ÚÛ-diµethylhexane (e) 3-eThyl-2,2ÜÛÜÝØTe¿rameThylhexane (f) 4-Þ-buTylÓ3ÓMe¿hylhepTane 3-5 (ßintsà systemaTize your approach to these probLems¹ For the Æsomers of a six carbon foRmulaá for exampLeâ sTarT with the Æsomer containing all six ca´bons in a straight chain, then The isoMers conTaining a fiveÀcarbon chainÚ the» a four-carbOn chai»Ú eTc. CarefuLLy check yoãr answers To AVäåD DUæ½IçAèE S±éêC±ëéìSí) (a) î-hexane 2-meThylpenTa»e 3-meThylpenTane 2Ú2ïdiMethylb³Tane 2Ú3-dimethylbutane 45...
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