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CHAPTER 3-STRUCTURe AND STER±OCHEMIStRY oF ALKnES 3- 1 (a) C n H2 n + 2 where n = 25 gives c2shs2 Note to the sTudent: ±he IUP AC system of nomenclature has a well defined seT of Rules deTeRMining how st²uct³res a´e naµed. Yo³ wilL find a summary of these rules as ¶ppendix 1 in This SoluT·ons ¸anual¹ 3-2 ºse hyphens to separaTe LeTTers from »umbers¼ ½ongest chains may noT aLways be w¾TTen lefT to ¾ghT¹ (a) 3-methyLpentane (aLways find The lo»gest chain; it may not be written in a sTra·gh¿ l·ne) (b) 2Àbromo-3-methyLpentane (always find The lo»gesT chain) (c) 5ÁethyLÂ2ÀmethyLÀ4Ãpropylheptane Ä"Whe» there are two Longest chains of equal lengÅh, use The chain wÆtH tHe Greate² numbe´ of substituenTs¹Ç) (d) 4-Èsop´opyLÉ2ÊmetHyLdecane 3Ë3 ±ÌÆs SoL³tions Ían³al will present line foÎm³Las where a QuestÆon asks for an answer incl³di»G a
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Unformatted text preview: structue If you use codensed sTructurl formuLas nstead be se tHat you ae able To TranslaTe one stRctue type into tHe other. (a) (b) (c) (d) 34 Separate nubers from nuMbers wTh comas (a 2-meThylbutane (b) 22-dimethyLpropane (c) 3etyl2methyLhexane (d) 2-diethylhexane (e) 3-eThyl-2,2TerameThylhexane (f) 4--buTyl3MehylhepTane 3-5 (ints systemaTize your approach to these probLems For the somers of a six carbon foRmula for exampLe sTarT with the somer containing all six cabons in a straight chain, then The isoMers conTaining a fivecarbon chain the a four-carbOn chai eTc. CarefuLLy check yor answers To AVD DUIAE SCS) (a) -hexane 2-meThylpenTae 3-meThylpenTane 22diMethylbTane 23-dimethylbutane 45...
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