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3-19 trns-1 ,2-Dimethylcyclobutane is more stabLe than cis because the two meThyls can be faRther apart wHen trans, as shown in the Newman projections. " more strain = C±; ) higher energy C±3 cIs ± ± ²n the 1 ,³´dimethYLcYcLobutanes, hoWeverµ the aLLows the methYLs to be fa¶ther from other atoms and therefore more stabLe than the tRns. ³·20 equatoria¸ only A C±¹ C±º showing both axiaL and equato¶ial
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Unformatted text preview: trans axiaL onLY 21 he abbreviation for a methYL groUp, C3, is "Me" EthyL is "t", propYL s "Pr", and ButyL is "U" (a) Me (b) e alL methyls axiaL aLL 's equatoia) aLl ethyls equatoiaL (alL s axial) ote that axial grous alteate up and down around the rng 22 Carbons 4 and 6 are Behind the circLes. 49...
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