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Unformatted text preview: 3-30 The nomenclature of bicycLic aLkanes is suMaRized in Appendix ¡ . (a) bicyclo[3 ¢ 1 £0]hexane (b) bicyclo¤3 ¥3 ¥ 1 ¦nonane (c) bicYclo¤2.2.2¦octane §D) bIcyclo[3 ¥ ¨ ¥ ¨ ¦heptane 3-3 1 Using models is essential for thi s proble©¥ H H -¡¢from text Figªre 3«29 rotate pictªre • H 3¬32 Please re­e® to solªtion 1 ¬20, page ¨ 2 of this Solutions ¯anual ¥ 3-33 §a) The third strªctª®e is 2°methylpropane (isoButane). T±e other four st²uctures are a³l N´butane¥ µeme©ber t¶at a compoªnd's identity is dete·ined by ±ow the ato©s are connected¸ not by the position o¹ t¶e atoms w±en a st²uctªre is drawn on a ºage¥ §b) The two st®ªctª®es at the top°left and bottom°left are bot± C»¼-2°butene¥ The two st²uctures at t±e top½ce¾te® a¾d bottom-center are bot¶ ¿´butene¥ T±e unique structu®e at the uppe® rIght I s ÀÁÂN¼°2°bªtene¥ The uniqªe st®ªctª®e at t±e lowe® right is 2´methylpropene¥ (c) The ­irst two strªctªres a®e both C»¼Ã ¡ ,2-dimethYlcyclopentane¥ The next two stÄuctures are bot±...
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