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Unformatted text preview: 3-30 The nomenclature of bicycLic aLkanes is suMaRized in Appendix . (a) bicyclo[3 1 0]hexane (b) bicyclo3 3 1 nonane (c) bicYclo2.2.2octane D) bIcyclo[3 heptane 3-3 1 Using models is essential for thi s proble H H -from text Figre 329 rotate pictre H 332 Please ree to soltion 1 20, page 2 of this Solutions anual 3-33 a) The third strcte is 2methylpropane (isoButane). Te other four stuctures are al Nbutane emeber tat a compond's identity is deteined by ow the atos are connected not by the position o te atoms wen a stuctre is drawn on a age b) The two stctes at the topleft and bottomleft are bot C-2butene The two stuctures at te topcete ad bottom-center are bot butene Te unique structue at the uppe rIght I s N2btene The uniqe stcte at te lowe right is 2methylpropene (c) The irst two strctres ae both C ,2-dimethYlcyclopentane The next two stuctures are bot...
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