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3-35 continued (e) Other Rng sIzes are possIble, althoUgh they must have 6 or more CarbonS to be longer than the ± carbons of the SubstItuent chaIn. (2,3-diMethYLpentYL)cYcLoheptane (2,3²di ³ethYlpentY ´ )cYcLooctane (f bµcYclo[ 4¶4·0]decane AnY co³binatµon where the number oF carbonS µn the b¸IdgeS Sums to 8 wIll work¹ (Two carBonS are the brIdgehead carbonsº) bicYcLo[3º3»2]decane 3¼36 HO -CH 2CH 2CH 3 HO -CH 2CH 2CH 2CH 2CH 3 HO -Ch2CH 2CH 2CH 3 HO ±CH 2CH 2CH 2cH2CH 2cH 3 3²37 (a) 3-ethYl-2,2,6-trImethylheptane (b) 3½ethyl½2,6,7-t¾ImethYloctane (c¿ 3,7 -dµethYLÀ2,2ÁÂ-t¾I³ethYldecane (d¿ 2-ethYL½Ã,IJdimethYÅcYcLobutane (e) bµcycloÆ4. 1.0Çheptane (F) ÈÉÊ-Ä-ethYl-3¼propylcyclopentane (g) (1Ë Ì¼diethylpropYl)CyClohexane (h¿ ÈÍʽýethYL½4-ISopropYlcYClodecane
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Unformatted text preview: 3-3 TheÎe aÎe eighteen i So³eÎS oÏ C sH I S. HeÎe aÎe eµght oÐ the³. ÑouÎS ³ay be dIFÏerent FroM the ones ShownÒ Ón eaSY waY to co³pare iS to na³e YouÎS and See iÐ the na³es matchÔ ÕÖ-octane 2,2,4²t¾iMethY×pentane 3-39 (a) 4 Ø Ù 2½meth Y ´heptane ~ 2,3 ,4-tÎI methY ´pentane correCÚ name: 3-methYlheXane (longeÎ chain) (c¿ ±I Û´ coÜect naMeÝ 2-ÞhLoro¼3-³ethYLheXane (ßegàn nu³ßeÎànG at end cLosest to Substituent¿ 54 T 2,3-dIMethylhexane 3áethYlhexane T * 3-ethYl-3-³ethYlpentane 2,2,3,3-tetra³eth y ´ buâane ãb) correCt name: 3äethyLá2½methylheXane (More branchIng wIth thIS numberIng) (d¿ coÜect naMeå 2,2¼dImethyLbutane (Include a poSition number For each SubStituent, regardleSs oF redundanCIeS¿...
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