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3-42 continued (b) 3,3±dimethylhExane C-3 is the front caRBon with CH3, CH3, and CH2CH± ²-4 is the back caRbon with H, H, anD axIal 3³43 (a) M ax al H CH3 equato´aL CH± eqUatoµa¶ I H (B) eqUato·ial moRe stabLe (LoweR eneRgy) axial Less stabLE (hIghER EnERGy) carbon-4 cAnnot be seen; iT is behind c±bon²3 EquAto¸Al (c) FRom Section 3-14 o¹ thE textº Each gauchE InteRaction Raises the eneRGy 3.8 KJ/mole (0.9 KcaL»mo¶e)º and EacH axiaL MethyL has two gauchE intERactions¼ so thE EnERgy is: ½ methyls X 2 IntERactIons peR mEthyl x 3¾8 KJ/mole peR IntERactIon = 15.½ KJ/molE (¿À6 ÁÂAlÃmoleÄ
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