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4-48 (a) n-PeNtaNe caN producE three moNochloro isomers. To calculate the relative amouNt of each iN the product mixture, multiply the Numbers of hydrogeNs which could lead to that product times the reactivity for that type of hydrogeN. ±ach rElative amouNt divided by the sum of aLL thE amouNts will provide the perceNt of each iN the product mixturE. ²b) 4³49 CI´ CH2CH2CH2µ¶2CH3 (6 10 ·) x ¸reactivi¹y º»¼) = 6.0 relative amouNt 6±0 x º¼¼ = 18% ½½»¼ CI I CH3 ¾CHCH2CH2µH3 (4 ¿0 H) x ¸reactivi¹y 4À5Á = Â8ü ReÄative amouNt total amouNt = ½½»¼ i :± x º¼¼ = 55% µI I µH3µH2 ŵHCH2CH3 ¸¿ ¿0 ·) x ¸reactivi¹y 4ÆÇÁ = 9ȼ relative amouNt 9»¼ x º¼¼ = 27% ½½.¼ ¸a) The secoNd propagatioN step iN the chloriNatioN of methaNe is highly exotheÉmic ÊË·O
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Unformatted text preview: - kJ/mole ( 6 Kca/mole The traNsitioN state resembles the reactaNts, that is, the ICI boNd wi be sighy stretched aNd the CICH3 boNd will just be startiNg to fom. CI I CH 3 stroNger weaer b) The secoNd propagatioN step iN the broMNatioN of methaNe is highly exothermc HO = KJ/mo\E 4 Kcalmoe The traNsitioN state resembles the reactaNts, that is he BrBr boNd wi be sighty stretched aNd the BrCH3 boNd wilL just be statiNg to form. B r B r . C 3 stroNger weaKer 74...
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