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Unformatted text preview: 4-55 Mechanism 1 : (a) CI + 3 CIO + (b) 2 CIo -CI O OCl Hv (c) CI o o Cl 02 + 2 CI Mechanism (d) 03 02 + (e) CI + 03 -CIO + 02 (f) CIo + -02 + Cl The biggest prblem in Mechanism 1 Lies n step (b). ThE cncenratin F CI atms s Very small, s a any giEn imE, h cncntratin CIO wil l b ErY sma ThE prbabi ity F w CIO radicals Finding eacH her t R CIooCI i s iuay zer en thugh His echani sm shws a catalyic cycle with Cl (starting the mechanism and being regeneraed at the end) he middle stEp makes i highly Unlikely. Step (d) is the " light" reactn that ccurs naturally in daYigh A night he reacin reVerss and regEneraes znE. StEp (F) is the crcil stp A w cncentratin CIo will Find a relatielY high cncentratn F atms because he "ligh" reactin i s prducing atms in...
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