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CHAPTER 5-STErEOCHEMISTrY Note to the student: Stereochemistry Is the study of Molecular structure and reactIons In three dIMe±sIo±s. ²olecular Models wIll be EspecIally helpful In thI³ chapter´ 5-1 Thµ Bµ³¶ ¶µ³¶ oF Whµ¶hµR a h o u ³µ h o l d o·j¸C¹ º³ »hºRAl ºs Whµ¶hµR º¶ WoULd Be usµd µquaLLy wµlL By a lef¶- or rIgh¶¼ha±ded person½ ¾he cHIral obJects are the corkscrew, the wrI¶Ing desk, the ³crew¿cap bo¶¶le (only for refÀllÁ±g, however; In use, It would not be chIral), the rÀfle and the knotted ropE the corkscrew, the
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Unformatted text preview: bottle top, and the rope each haVe a twIs¶ Àn one dIrec¶Ion, and the Ãfle and desk are »lEarly Made foR rÀgh¶Ä handed usersÅ ÆLl the o¶her obJEcts are achºral a±d would feµl equIvaÇen¶ ¶o ÃghtÈ or leftÉhanded useRsÊ 5Ë2 (a) cis MIÌror (b) trnS Í3 Í ÎÍ3 MIÏor (c) ci± fÀRs¶, ¶hen trnS MIÌror MÐrror (d) MÑrroR achIralÒ IdentIcal MIrror ImagEs chIralÓ enantIoMers achIralÒ ÀdentIcal MIrror IMages achIralÔ Àde±tI»al MÀrror IMages ÎÍ3 chIralÒ I µnantÀoMµÕs " Ö Î Í × 'Ø Ùr ÚÍÛÚÍ3 79...
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