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Unformatted text preview: 5 -5 (a) (b) H "" ", H p lane of symmetry 1 m Br plane o f symmetry (c) Br H' Br (d) C H2 Cl H" " C, J C H3 Cl c hiral-no plane of symmetry 1 H c hiral-no plane of symmetry (e) C HO H " "JC ' CH OH 2 HO c hiral-no pl ane of symmetry (f) p l ane of symmetry (h) C OOH I H" I C, J 1 H 2N CH3 thi s view is from the right side of the structure as drawn in the text c hiral-no pl ane of s ymmetry plane of symmetry 5-6 AL WAYS place the 4th priority group away from you. Then determine if the sequence 1 �2�3 i s c l ockwise (R) o r counter-clockwi se ( S). ( There i s a Problem-S olving Hint near the e n d of section 5-3 in the text that descri bes what to do when the 4th priority group is c l osest to you . ) rotate CH3 u p (a) R ( b) B r � :: � CH 2 C 1 *1 3 C H3 C 4 only one asymmetric carbon 2 S (c) H H 1 *C 3 C == C ..... - � CH 3 : / I H H H " � 1 4 3h R ( d) S -*: SU2 H Cl :* ....- S (f) Cl - Cl O� H C" " '" I, - ( g) (h) 2 3 ( i) S 4 H 82 R ( H3COhHC � �� I 3 /- CH2 '/ C -. H C H(CH3h 4 see next page for an explanation of part (i) ...
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