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5-29 Your drawings may look dIfferent from these and stIll be correct. CHeck conFIGuratIon by assIGnIng R and S to be sure± COO² (a) C³3 5´µ0 C²O (b) ± "O³ ³OC² ³ ·a) saMe ·meso)¸pLane of s¹Mmetry, suPerIMPosaBLe (B) enantioºers»onfiguration inverted at both asymmeTrIc carbon aToms (c) enant¼oºers½onfiGuration inVe¾ted at both asyMmet¿c carbon atoms (d) (d) eÀant¼oºersÁsolve tHis ProBlem By switchiÀg two groUPs at a tIme to Âut the groUPs in the same Pos¼t¼oÀs as iÀ the first st¾ucture; it takes three sw¼tches to ºake the identIcal comPoundà so they are enantioMersÄ an eVen numBer of swItches woUld Prove they are the same structure ·e) enaÀtÅoºersÆonf¼ÇuÈation inverted at Both asyMmetrIc carbon aToms ·É d¼astereoºersÆonfiguration ¼nVe¾ted at onÊy one asymMet¾ic carbon ·g) eÀantioMers¸Ëonf¼guration inverted at both asyMºeTÌc carbon atoms ·h) same coMPoundÁÈotate the riGHt structure 180° around a horIzontaL axIs and It becomes the left
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