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Unformatted text preview: 5-37 This problem is simIlar to 536. (a) [CH cH CH c H * Br * Br Br * H H * Br 2 H 3 Br Br H Br Br H H * Br H * Br H * Br Br * H 4 R ScH '-cH CH '-c A diastereomers B C enantiomers D meso meso hiral ral (b) 2,4R 2,4R 2R,4R 2,4 equivalent eqUivalent to 2R,4 to ,4 The onfiguration of arbon3 n A And B an be assigned aording the le desed above in the solution to problem 536: c3 in A is , and C3 in B is R () ording to the c desgnation desribed n text etion 2B, a iralty enter s "any Atom oldng a set oF ligands in a spatal arangement wih is not sUpemposable on ts mrror mage n asyMmet arbon mUst have oUr dfferent grops on it, bUt in A and B, c3 as two grops tat are idential (exept for their stereohemistrY) C3 holds its groUps in a spatal arraNgemeNt tat s supeimposable on its ror iage, so it is not A hirality enter But t s stereogen in stture...
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