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Unformatted text preview: 6-36 yl Br Br NaOCH2CH3 .. E 2-minor product-less substituted alkene (monosubstituted) � + E 2-major p roduct-morc substituted alkene (trisubstituted) � + yl OCR, OCH2CH3 SN2-probably very small amount because of steric hindrance 6-37 (a) � NaO C H 3 .. � m i nor alkenemonosubsti tuted + � m ajor alkenedisubstituted ( cis + trans) + � S N2 product-some w i l l be formed on a 2° c arbon No SN2 product wi l l be formed; S N2 c annot occ ur at a 3° carbon. (b) � Br NaOMe ... (c ) ~ H"' H a toms that are Br N aO H m ajor alkenetrisubsti tuted ( cis + trans) � + � mi nor alkenedisubstituted ... minor al kenemonosubsti tuted ( d) 0 Br � a + ~ + m ajor al kenetrisubstituted ' CH] H NaOEt ... CH] " O' S N2 product-very small amount because 2° carbon is hindered ~ OEt - OH CH] + (rCH] removed are shown Br mi nor alkenedisubstituted major alkenetrisubstituted S N2 product showing inversion at the c arbon-some of this product wil l be formed on a 2° carbon E2-minor 1 13 ...
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