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6-38 In systems where free rotaTion is possible, the H to be abstracted by the base and the leaving grouP (Br here) must ±e Anti-coPlanar. ²he E2 mechanism is a concerTed³ one-steP mechaniSm´ sO the µrrangement of the other groups around the carbons in the starting materiaL is retained in the ¶r·Duct; there is no ¸ntermedi¹te to aºlow time for rotation of grouPs» ¼Mode½s wilL heLP¾) r:R CH 3 Ph H' H r/ C-C, - ± "±CH ¿r Ph 3 transition state 8 - •• : :9CH3 Ph " " ±±² , CH² ± "'C ² . H ± ' Àh trans
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