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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 124

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 124 - 6-40...

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6-40 continued (g) Silver niTrate in eThanoVwa±eR is ionizing conditions for 1 ° alkyl halides ±Ha² will lead ±o rEa³angement foLlowed by substi±ution on ±he 3´ carbocaTion. OCµ2¶µ· from etHanoL as I nucleophiLe CH3 - C -Ch2Ch± i C²3 From water a¸ ± nucleoph²Le CH3-C³Ch2C²± i Ch± (H) µeating a ¹º Ha»ide in methanol is quinte¸sentia» fir¸t¼o½der condiTion¸, eiTHer ¾¿ or SN I ÀÁo»voÂYÃiÄ)Å CH6OCh3 c ± (!Æ"cÇÈ \ / ¸ubstituTion V (S É Ê) elimination (¾¿) (i) ¾THoxide in etHano» oË a 3´ HaLide wi»» »ead To e»imiËatÌon; THe½e wi»» Be no suB¸TÍTutioÎÏ c²± A major aÐKene U TÑi¸ub¸TituTed mÒno½ aÐKene disuB¸tituteD 6Ó4Ô P»ea¸e refer to soluTion 1-ÕÖ× paGe 1Õ× of tHi¸ So»uØion¸ Manua».
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