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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 125

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 125 - 6-44(c...

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6-44 continued Cl (c) fastEr thaN Less brancHiNg oN a neighboRng carbon. Cl (d) FasTe± THAn 0 SAme neIgH²o³ng ²ra´cHing, so 1 ° fasTe± tHa´ 2°. (e) OCµ2C¶ ·aste± THan ¸C¹ PºImary R-X ±eacts faster than 2° R±X. (f fAste± tHa» X¼± Less ²ra»c½ing on a nEiGh²o¾ng ca±bon¿ 6±45 ÀoÁmAtio´ o the mo±e stable cArbocation decides w½Icà U´dergoes SÄ
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