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Unformatted text preview: 6-54 CHX H H -Z 20 , 0 CH3 I t H hydride shift X + H2 I" + 6-55 Reactions would also give some elimination products; only the substitution products are shown here. (a) SN2 gives inversion: only product: <;:H3 N::C-C-H CH2CH3 (H C U I t CH3 hydride shift OR C( H - I alkyl shiftt nng expansIOn (b) 6-56 (a) <;:H3 H-C-OH H-<;:-CH3 CH2CH3 S2 I 6 (j (c) <;:H2CH3 CH3CH20 <;:-CH3 CH(CH3h (c) + N only with inversion (b) solvolysis , SNl, racerruzation <;:H2CH3 CH3-<;:-OCH2CH3 CH(CH3h - (d) (g) CH3CH20CH2CH3 C:::CH CH3(CH2)8CH2 I < }- CH2CH2CN < �N+- CH3 1- < }-SCH2CH3 (CH3hC -CH2CH2NH2 (e) (h) (f) Q HO "'0"" CH3 122 ...
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