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Unformatted text preview: 7 -7 ( a) 2,3 -dimethylpent-2-ene (neither c is n or t rans) � IL - (b) (c) I -methylcyclopentenc CI ( d) 5 -chlorocyclohexa- l ,3 -diene (positions of double bonds need to be specified) '0 3 -ethylhexa- l ,4-diene (cis or trans not specified; the vinyl group is part of the main chain) (e ) (f) cis-3 ,4-dimethylcyclohexene (could also have drawn trans) ( E)-2,5-dibromo-3 -ethylpent-2 -ene (cis does not apply) 7-8 (a) Br (E)-3-bromo-2-chloropent-2-ene (b) 'x CI (2)-3 -bromo-2-chloropen t-2-ene /=C (2E,42)- Br (2E,4E)-3-ethylhexa-2,4-diene (c ) no geometric i somers (d) (2)-penta- l ,3 -diene (2Z,4E)- (2Z,42)- (E)-penta- l ,3-diene (e ) (E)-4-t-butyl-5-methyloct-4-ene (2)-4-t-butyl-5 -meth yloct -4-ene 1 37 ...
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