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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 145

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 145 - 7-8...

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7 -8 continued (f) CI CI CI CI (2Z,5£)-3, 7 -dichloroocta-2,5-diene (2E,5£)-3,7-dichloroocta-2,5-diene CI CI (2Z,5Z)-3,7 -dichloroocta-2,S-diene (2E,5Z)-3, 7 -dichloroocta-2,5-diene (g) no geometric isomers (an E double bond would be too highly strained) (h) W W (Z)-cycIodecene (£)-cyclodecene (i) W W C) ( I E,S£)-cycIodeca- l ,S-diene ( 1 Z,S£)-cycIodeca- l ,5-diene ( I Z,5Z)-cyclodeca- l ,5-diene 7-9 From Table 7- 1 , approximate heats of hydrogenation can be determined for similarly substituted alkenes. The energy difference is approximately 6 kJ/mole ( 1 .4 kcal/mole), the more highly substituted
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