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7 -8 continued (f CI (2Z,5£)³3´ 7 -dµchloroocta³¶,5-d·eNE (¸¹´5£)º3´7-dµchLoroocta»2,5-dieNe ½¶Z,5z³3,7 -d¾cH¿oroocta-¶,S-dienE (¸¹,5À)-3, 7 -d¾cÁÂoroocta-¶´Ã³diÄne (g) No geomeTric ·somÅrs (an ¹ doubLe boNd wouLd be Too ÆighLy sTraµNed) (h) W w ½ÀÇÈcYc¼odeceNe (£)-cycÉoDecENe (¾) ± W C) (ʹ´S£)-cyc±odeca-Ë,S-D¾ENe (1Z,S£)-cycIodEca-Ì,5-DµeNe ½ÍZ,5z-cYc¿odeca- Î ´ÏÐdiene 7-9 From ÑabÂe 7-1, approximate heats of hYdrogENaTµoN caN be DeTeRÒed for simÓÔarÔy substÕtUteÖ a×keNes. Øhe eNergy dµffereNce µs approximaTeLy 6 KJ/mo¿e Ù1.4 KcaÂ/moLe), tHe more HigÚÔy suBstÛtutÜÝ
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