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7 -13 continued (b) miNor E2 Cl Major E2 hindered base gives HofMann produ±t As Major Isomer ²c³ 0 2 ± ´aOCµ3 . Cµ30µ 6] + o Major prodUcT is difficuLt ¶o Pred·ct For 2° ¸aLidEs ²d³ 7-14 7¹º5 (a) = S»2 ´aOC(Cµ3¼ 0 ± (Cµ3¼COµ E2 - Base: ½ µ µ " ¾¸ "¿À¿ µ3¿ Á / B ¾¸ r e2 ´aOC(Cµ3¼ is a bulky base and a poor
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Unformatted text preview: Ucleopile, niizing S2 -3C = ' h cis E2 eLiMnation substitutioN productsince Te substratE is a neopentyl halIde and higly hiNdered the S2 substtution s sLow anD eLiMnation is aVored 140...
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