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8-18 continued (d) Three new asymmetRic CArboNs are produced in tHis reaction. ±lL stereoisoMers wil² be produced with the restrIct³on tHat the twO adjacent chLoR³nes on tHe ´ng Must Be trans. C l - C L + + Cl-Cl . :Cl: j :Cl: C L CH h r C I L Cl Ch3 8-19 The tRns Product resUlts froM water attackµng the ¶roMoniuM ion froM tHe face opPosite tHe ¶roMµne· EquaL aMoun¸s oF the two enantioMers resuLt froM the equaL pro¶a¶ility that water w¹LL atºa»k e¼ther C±L or ½-2¾ Q ¿ , À r < H H q .. 8±20 H20: wa¸er will do nucleoPhilic attacK at eitHer carBon FroM SoLved ÁrobleM 8²5 h + + equaL aMounts of enant¼oMers h enant¼oMer o PrÃDuct \
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Unformatted text preview: 8±5 the ¶roMoniuM ion shown here is the enantioMer of tHe one shown in Solved Áro¶LeM 8²³ a ²Oo ³H " ",Ch3 0 0 0 ± . ° Ä + _ Å \ H ´µh ² : o ³H ± U > Ch3 .. ¶ U · c h ¸ ¿r Æ \ H ¿r H H from Solved Áro¶leM 8´6: the bromoniuM ion shown is Meso as ¹t has a PLane of syMÇetry; ÈtÉaÊË b y tHe nucLeopHile at the other car¶on from what is shown in ¸he text w¼ll create the enantioMer H ± H Ì¿r Í A', + :Cl: ± "' /²³ ´ H H µ; show PÎodUcts froM I ¶ Both nucLeoPhiLes 0 I ² " ³ ¿r attacÏnG at th³s caÐBoÑ oR ² '¹º H ÄÅ these aÎe the enantioMÒÓs of tÔe stÐuctures shown in the teXt 166...
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