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8-64 In this type of problem, begin by deteNining whicH bonds are broken and whicH are fo±ed. THese w²lL always give clues as ³o Wha³ is happen²ng´ forme H H+ goEs µo Most elecµROnEgAµ² ve atoM q + . \ 30 cArBocaµ²on looks HO foR eLecµRons¶ f·nds µHEM Aµ nEArBy alkene¸ fo¹Mºng A 6»Me¼bered r²nG (yes!)-½eaves A 30 CaRBocA³²on 1 protonated epox²dE opens µ¾ ¿Àve the Mos³ stable cÁrbocµÃÄÅ Æ3Ç
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Unformatted text preview: 8-65 See µHe soLuµ²on to PRoB½eM 8-È5 foR s²MpL²f²Ed ExA¼pLes of ³HesE reAc³ionsÉ (aÊ (BÊ (cË ÌdÍ eOOH HOOC J f c OOH HOOE ( OOh eOO± ± OO² OS04 OH trns SyN rAceÎic Hooe , "± ³ EOOH HooE 7- ± a±ti ¼eso ' IleOOH HooE ´ Oµ '- I s + a±t² racemÏc / ¶/IH ³O ² ciS Sy± meso Ho·e "1 ¸¹LleOOH 186...
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