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Unformatted text preview: CHAPER 9-ALKYNES 9-1 Other structurEs are possible In each case. CH3CH2C: CCH2CH3 CH3CH2CH2CH2C: CH C CH HC C CH2CH = CCH2CH2H3 9 NEw UA mES Re gIvEn ThE stESk ( * ) dEntes cEtyLEnIc hydgEns of tEm LKY () (B * CH3CH2 CC H B ynE * CH3C2C2 CC H PEnt ynE CH3 CCC3 BtynE CH3CH2 C C CH3 PEnynE CH3 I * CH3CH CC H mEthylbtynE hE dEcmPSItIn REacIon Belw Is ExthEIc /0 = - 4 kJ/molE) S Well s hvIng IncES In EntPy hEmodynmclly, t 1500C IncREsE In EntoPy WIll hve a large effect n AG (REmEmbeR aG = / T) nEtIclly lmst ny ctivain EneRgy ber Will be ovERcmE at 1 500C AcEtylEnE wold ikEy decomPsE Int its ElEmEnts HCCH 1 500 2 C + H2 94 Adding sdIum mdE t thE mxtE wIlL PducE thE sodIum slt f heX ynE lEvInG hExl EnE...
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